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Zendium Design approach each project uniquely in an approachable and easily understandable manner. As design and constructional professionals, our expertise brings value and creativity to your project, to save you money in the long run. Below is summary of our Professional Services.

Some FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are also answered here.


Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent architect we charge for nothing other than our time for the service we undertake for you. Hence a simple project will not cost as much as a larger complex project. Charges are based on the degree of innovation and expertise required. One of the simplest (and compact) projects we worked on was for a summer house in a garden costing a fee of circa £650+VAT. Large scale project and support on Public Sector works will cost a little more. Just contact us to find out.”

 Absolutely, simply fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch to arrange. We offer an initial Architectural Consultation Service, where for a nominal fee (typically £50-£65), we offer 1 hour’s worth of Architectural advice on your project. Further to this we will then prepare a written quotation for the scope of works you require. Please contact us for more details.

 Not at all. You as the client are in control of the entire process. Zendium Design offers a simple step by step process from start to finish. Simply select what proportion / scope of the service you require. Very simply this could be:

Concept >>> Planning >>> Building Control >>> Tender & Contract >>> Construction >>> Monitor on site >>> Evaluate

The answer is “it depends” and we’ll always advise that Planning Permission is needed for any construction works unless your extension falls within certain limits of Permitted Development. Whilst there are some smaller extensions one can construct without Planning Permission, these are subject to conditions of Permitted Development. The guidance is not always obvious, however the following website has more detailed information:

Zendium Design will offer architectural planning advice once we are appointed to your project. Should specialist planning or construction legal advice be required, we can suggest other professional consultants to appoint with whom we have worked with over the years.

 No, Building Control and Planning are completely separate processes. Very simply Planning deals with matters relating to a building’s or extension’s aesthetic appearance, size, form, function and appropriateness in the environment and any affect on neighbouring areas / properties. Building Control deals with the structural integrity, constructional robustness, including environmental impact, the health and safety of the people inside and outside of the building.

Zendium Design will offer Building Control advice once we are appointed to your project. Should specialist consultants be required in addtion, we can suggest other professional consultants to appoint with whom we have worked with over the years.

Sadly we’ve heard this too many times. Ask if they have the confirmation in writing. In any case you MUST check this with the Local Planning Authority first and if needed also with their Building Control Department. Remember if a contractor constructs your extension without the requisite Planning Permission and/or Building Control, you could face enforcement action from the Council.

Don’t fret if this has happened to you! Zendium Design has rescued many extensions and builds from enforcement action and/or failed planning permissions.



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