Services > Feasibility and Desktop Surveys

  • Zendium Design can assist you even before you have started designing the building on site. As an important step in understanding what could be built, it is imperative that a desktop study of a site, new or previously used, is undertaken.
  • A desktop study usually consists of analysis of essential data in the form of surveys: gas / electrical services, topological and ground contamination surveys, environmental information and consultation with Local Authorities etc. This can then be used to inform the Feasibility Study to assess whether a site has the desired potential to be developed.
  • We are able to assist you in appointing the specialist personnel / companies to obtain the required survey data, i.e. Arboriculturalist, environmentalist, traffic and noise impact assessments surveyor etc. That assist with these surveys.
  • The feasibility study can tell us:
    • Whether a site can be developed for the intended use.
    • Assist with a strategy for moving forwards with the development.
    • If the site is unsuitable or unuseable then it can point towards what alternative uses may be available.
    • Often helps with planning decisions and expedites the processes for decisions as information is readily available..