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  • The Building Regulations are the UK standards ensuring that buildings are safe, accessiblel, sustainable and provide a healthy environment for one and all. These are the minimum standards for design and construction to new building and alterations / extensions.
  • Zendium Design offers detailed technical and constructional information for your project to assist in attaining compliance with the Building Regulations. This is usually mandatory for any new permanent or temporary building structure, whether new build or refurbishment.
  • We work together with the Building Control Authority and your contractor [if appointed] to enable the easiest and best method of compliance as the guidance can be complex.
  • Zendium Design have assisted clients to achieve compliance via the "Full Plans Application" procedure [less risk to the client] and also via the "Building Notice" method [best for less complex works].
  • Building Control approval is normally required for any new build, extension and internal remodelling and structural or works. If you are in any doubts, please contact your Local Authority Building Control Department to get advice.