Services > 3D Visuals and Animations

  • Zendium Design offers our clients a full visualisation service to see your project in 3D. This assist greatly in the understanding of the scheme design and to inspire further design choices.
  • We offer simple 3D models for massing and size studies through to daylight analysis and photo-realistic rendering for use in brochures and other promotional material if required.
  • The 3D images can be superimposed on to photos to give you a "before" and "after" set of images. This can also be used to address the concerns of planners relating to scale and massing of a development..
  • 3D does not have to be expensive, many of our domestic client choose our 3D service to further explore and enhance the design of their house. We offer competitive rates on all our fees and 3D visualisation services, please contact us for furhter information and pricing.